Multifangled specialises in adult and youth education with a focus on literacy and numeracy and applied learning. We are experts in educational practices appropriate for non-traditional education settings, VET and community education and/or disadvantaged groups. Multifangled aims to provide practical and constructive training, resources and support.


Resource development

We are experienced in developing print-based, online and multimedia educational materials for different groups.

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Instructional design and curriculum development

Based on years of experience across a range of fields, multifangled can work with you to develop, improve and adapt materials and ideas to meet the learning requirements of the target groups.

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Professional development

Multifangled offers training by specialist and experienced trainers and facilitators who can work with you in developing and customising training programs to meet your specific needs

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Research and assessment

Multifangled personnel have undertaken a range of research and assessment projects.

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We have a range of literacy and numeracy resources available to order


Here are some of the projects we've been working on