Literacy & numeracy

Multifangled personnel are passionate about developing the literacy and numeracy skills of all adults and youth. No matter what level a person’s literacy and numeracy skills are, increasing them can empower, open pathways and possibilities, and increase workforce and community participation and personal well being.

Much of the work of multifangled has focused on literacy and numeracy for adults and young people including resources targeted at VCAL and CGEA. Find out how multifangled’s services and resources support literacy and numeracy skills development.

Great numeracy resources

Dave Tout has worked in the adult numeracy and maths field for over 30 years and has put together a list of resources for teaching and learning numeracy and mathematics.


Top literacy resources

There are so many resources for teaching literacy it can be hard to know where to start. Jan Hagston has put together a list of her favourite resources.


Download literacy and numeracy materials

Download some literacy and numeracy materials developed by Dave Tout and Jan Hagston including materials that support the multifangled publications.


Useful websites

Very-Basic-Link-iconAustralian and overseas sites that provide information about or support adult literacy and numeracy.