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Car Costs: A Numeracy Workbook

Dave Tout, 2006

Car_Costs_CoverThis workbook uses the topic of cars to introduce and teach a range of maths and numeracy topics. It is ideal for a range of young people needing maths that links to real life contexts, and who also want to learn about the costs related to buying, running and driving a car.  Each chapter has a different focus and includes explanations and activities followed by investigations, worksheets and handouts.

The book has a substantial final chapter titled Brush up you skills which provides explanations and exercises on the mathematics required to undertake the activities. Sample pages

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Having fun with maths: Activities and games for developing maths language and skills

Dave Tout, 2007

CoverHFWMThe games and activities in this book focus on the development of fundamental maths skills through co-operative group work and the use of hands-on materials, as well as on enjoyment and having fun in order to build confidence and overcome maths anxiety. The photocopiable activities are designed to encourage students to work together and use and talk about mathematics and its language and share their understandings and knowledge. The activities are suitable for a wide range of mathematics and numeracy students, especially for the middle years, year 11 students studying practical mathematics subjects, and adult numeracy students. There are four sections: co-operative logic problems, dice games, calculator games and word games. Skill areas covered include: numbers and calculations, shape, location and direction and introductory algebra. Sample pages

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My neighbourhood: literacy in context

Jan Hagston, 2012

MyNeighbourhoodCoverMy neighbourhood contains activities designed to support students to develop literacy skills in context. Some activities take just a few minutes while others extend over a number of sessions. Each activity contains information for the teacher alongside activity sheets and/or handouts for the students. In addition there are a number of skill sheets to support students in completing the activities. The activities also encourage the use of technology and have been designed to support teachers who aren’t ‘tech savvy’ but are interested in starting to explore the digital world. Those teachers who are comfortable with using a range of ‘e-things’ will be able to further develop the ideas in the activities and, of course, those students who are ‘digital natives’ will have lots of opportunities to apply and extend their skills and ability. Sample pages

Read a review of My neighbourhood by Tracey Grimmer in Fine Print

The story behind My neighbourhood: literacy in context by Jan Hagston in Fine Print

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Ten radical ideas for reluctant writers

Lee Kindler, 2015

frontcoverTen immediate, accessible and inspiring writing activities for students that may not always feel comfortable getting their ideas out there.

This book contains hands-on activities that encourages students to dive straight into writing without fear of failure. There are notes for teachers that explain the features of different text types, where to find examples, and ideas for classroom activities.

Activities are supported by free online materials that include infographics, videos, links, maps and game source files that students can use to gain a deeper understanding of each text. Sample pages

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