Video photo stories

A photo video story uses photos and music to express an interest, passion, hobby, event, or something unique about a person. They can be created easily using a apps such as Instagram or Facebook or photo editing software.

Here are some examples…


I ♥ bikes


Bike riding is pure freedom. There’s no waiting around for the bus to arrive, no need to hassle your parents to take you to where you want to go, no getting stuck in traffic. Just jump on your two-wheeler and off you go.

Vintage bikes are cool. I’m fixing up a cool old Malvern Star that I picked up for next to nothing from the trash and treasure. I’m converting it into a fixie just to cruise around town. Where I live is pretty flat so I don’t really need gears anyway. Also, I have my mountain bike if I want to do some more serious riding.
My favourite picture in this video is of the old abandoned bridge. It’s on the rail trail between Bairnsdale and Orbost. You are riding through the forest and this giant, decaying bridge just appears out of nowhere.



Clouds R us


I’m always off in my own little world. My friends call me the space cadet. That’s why I chose the shots of the clouds and sky, and the trippy music. I like to think and daydream about things and I reckon that is a good quality to have. My parents and teachers don’t always think so though.

I can switch on when I want to but I think people are too fixed up with achieving things and they don’t take the time to chill out, let their mind wander and use their imagination.

When you are so focussed on your career or getting good marks or whatever, you also miss out on appreciating cool things around you – like clouds.

How awesome are clouds?



Never follow


I’m a bit of a wall explorer. I like to check out alleyways, abandoned buildings and overpasses – pretty much anywhere where people make street art. I like the idea that anyone can make street art. You don’t have to buy a canvas or get a gallery to show your work.

Everywhere you go, you are bombarded with advertising billboards. Why shouldn’t everyone get to express their ideas not just big corporations that can afford the advertising space? Most street art is way more interesting than an underfed model trying to sell you jeans or sneakers or perfume or whatever.