5 tips for writing internet lists that people want to read

Lists have become a very common way of packaging content on the internet. They provide an easy reading experience because the information is given in bite-sized pieces. Lists also appeal to our human need to categorise information.

There’s an art to writing a list that people will want to read. Read on to get some tips on how to write a successful list article.



1. Come up with a catchy headline.

There’s a lot of stuff to read on the web. You need to grab people with a headline that makes the article sound interesting enough to make people want to read it.


2. Consider including an introductory paragraph

This will give you a chance to explain what the article is about and hook the reader in further.


3. Number your items and include interesting subheadings.

People should know where they are up to in the list and what the list item is going to be about.


4. Put the most interesting items at the top of the list

The idea is to keep the reader interested. They might stop reading the article if you don’t put the best material first.


5. Use graphics

Pictures, GIFs and videos liven up the article and can be used to illustrate your points.