Other resources

Dave Tout and Jan Hagston have been authors or co-authors of a wide range of other resources. Here are just a few:


Consumer Stuff: Maths resource book (2011)

Maths-ConsumerStuffby Dave Tout, Maria Santburn, Lee Kindler, Monica Bini, Robert Money

Revised in 2011 to take a more hands on and applied learning approach, the Consumer Affairs Victoria Maths resource book focuses on life skills that enable young people to become smart consumers. Topics covered in the maths resource include budgeting, paying household bills, buying a car, understanding how credit cards and home loans work, money and gambling, and the nature of chance.  Activities are linked to VELS and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

Download from Consumer Affairs Victoria.


The Word on Cars  (2008) Free resource

The-word-on-cars2by Dave Tout and Philippa McLean

A literacy and numeracy resource based around owning, driving and running a car. Activities include car-related numbers, speed, data and graphs, time and parking, petrol and car-related costs, and writing about and reviewing cars. There are also cooperative logic problems.

Download the resource for free.


Football Rules!  (2008) Free resource

Football-rules!by Dave Tout and Philippa McLean

A literacy and numeracy resource based around Australian Rules Football. Activities include views and opinions of sport, surveys and statistics, researching the game, scoring and ladders, reporting on a game and football tipping.

Download the resource for free.


Foundation Numeracy in Context (2006) – LOOK OUT FOR THE UPDATED EDITION – COMING SOON

by Dave Tout and Gary Motteram

FoundationMathsFoundation Numeracy in Context describes an approach to teaching mathematics based on applied and contextual learning principles. This means that the teaching and learning of mathematics proceeds from a contextual, task-based and investigative point of view—where the mathematics involved is developed from a modelled situation or practical task. Practical investigations and projects are principle vehicles for student learning in such an approach.

This text is written for teachers and illustrates how the approach works with some sample contexts such as cars and driving, sport, cooking and catering, and draws together mathematics from the areas of number, measurement, space, data and statistics, and algebra.


Measuring up: an interactive multimedia computer resource for numeracy learners (1997)

by Dave Tout and Beth Marr

An interactive online resource with activities based on real-life applications of measurement in contexts such as shopping, sport and cooking. Covers fractions, scales, decimals and metric units.

It teaches using integrated modelling/demonstration and practice activities and includes thirteen applied assessment tasks.

Published by Protea Textware.


Rethinking Assessment: Strategies for Holistic Adult Numeracy Assessment

By Beth Marr, Sue Holme and Dave Tout

This resource has been written for those working with adults but is suitable VCAL and middle years numeracy teachers. The focus is on the development of maths skills through co-operative group work and the use of hands-on materials. There is an emphasis on having fun with maths in order to build confidence and overcome maths anxiety. This is a practical and theoretical resource, providing a range of sample assessment tasks and discussions of key assessment issues in numeracy.


SAFE-T1 Starter – resources for young workers and their teachers (2011)

SAFE-T1-Starter2by Jan Hagston, Linnet Hunter and Lee Kindler

The SAFE-T1 Starter contains a sample of the print-based teaching activities found on the SAFE-T1 website. The activities focus on awareness and knowledge of occupational health and safety (OHS) and are aligned to the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).



 SAFE-T1: workplace health and safety resources for young workers and their teachers (2009 – 2011)

website_screengrab_transThe SAFE-T1 website has information about occupational health and safety and a range of teaching and learning resources including print-based resources that can be downloaded, on-line activities, film clips and more.

The teaching and learning resources aim to develop an awareness of OHS through a range of activities that also develop literacy, numeracy and generic skills. The resources are aligned to the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).


VicRoads VCAL Road Safety Units (2006, updated 2011 and 2012)

by Jan Hagston, Dave Tout and Lee Kindler

These 11 units combine different aspects of road safety with literacy, numeracy and generic skills such as problem solving and working in teams. Each unit contains activity outlines with comprehensive guidance to teachers, worksheets and assessment record proformas.  Each activity is aligned with the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

Published by VicRoads, the units are available to download.