About us

Multifangled specialises in adult and youth education with a focus on numeracy, literacy and applied learning.

We are experts in educational practices appropriate for non-traditional education settings, VET and community education and/or disadvantaged groups.

– deliver professional development
– develop hands-on resources
– develop curriculum.

Our story

Dave Tout and Jan Hagston started Multifangled in 1991.  Originally called Skill Ed, the name was changed in 2004

Their aim was to promote and support adult and youth education, particularly literacy, numeracy and applied learning in non-traditional education settings.

Since the beginning they have run professional development, developed curriculum and resources, undertaken assessment and learning projects.

More recently Lee Kindler has joined Dave and Jan. With an instruction design and primary education background, he has written Multifangled resources as well as contributing to many of the projects they have been involved in.

Dave Tout

Jan Hagston
Lee Kindler