Literacy resources

The following resources have been authored or co-authored by Jan Hagston and/or Lee Kindler. They are designed to develop the literacy skills of learners.

Love the game

by Lee Kindler

In this resource developed for the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, students develop a presentation pitch to convince a sporting club that they should sign up to the Love the Game sporting club program. Students then analyse a sample pitch before going through the process of planning, drafting, and editing their own pitch. They also complete a self-assessment using a rubric.

Love the game is aligned to Unit 1 Literacy, VCE Vocational Major.


Potential Influences

by Lee Kindler

Students will consider the potential influences shaping the attitudes of themselves and the community toward gambling. Influencing factors include:

  • access to real and simulated gambling via apps, social media, and gaming
  • saturation levels of gambling advertising
  • family and peer attitudes to gambling.

Students will plan, draft and write a report for a sporting club that explains the influences on attitudes towards gambling before completing a self-assessment using a rubric.

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This resource addresses learning outcomes for Unit 3, Literacy of VCE Vocational Major.

Road to Zero

Road to Zero is a world leading road safety experience situated at Melbourne Museum, Victoria .It features the latest visual and digital technology to show secondary school students and the wider community how Victoria is moving towards a future where every journey is a safe one.

A range of literacy resources designed for Literacy in VCE Vocational Major, developed by Jan Hagston, support the Road to Zero experience but could be used by any literacy teacher keen to get across road safety messages.

Analysing road safety campaigns

Road safety campaigns: targeting the message

The TAC’s Wipe off 5 campaign case study

Which media channels?

Developing a public health advocacy campaign

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