My neighbourhood





Materials to support My neighbourhood: literacy in context




Activity 1

Parts of speech raps



How to write a haiku poem


Activity 3

You can download cooperative logic problems designed to make students aware of workplace health and safety at SAFE-T1 ( See:


Activity 4

You’ll find some useful information about postcodes and their history at the following websites:


Activity 5: Neighbourhood photo hunt

Links to suitable software and sites to use:

Activity 6: Literacy & numeracy in the community – a photo account

If you would like an electronic copy of Activity sheet 7: The best of … please email

Activity 13

There are many websites where you will find word games. You will need to spend some time exploring the sites to see which games are suitable for the students you are working with.
Below are listed some sites you may like to have a look at:

Skill sheet 1: What’s a …..?

A few good clips about parts of speech are:
Rhythm, Rhyme, Results: Parts of Speech. (see above)
The Eight Parts of Speech rap. (see above)

Have a look at Spot and Crazy Monkey which explains simple and compound sentences.
There are a number of other clips on YouTube about different types of sentences. Some are more interesting than others!!

Handout 3: Mitchel-pamphlet

Activity sheet 7: The best of …