Practise Now - Police Entrance Exam Materials









Multifangled wrote the material for the Practise Now! Police Entrance Examination books published by ACER. The books contain preparation materials aimed at candidates applying to Victoria Police and Australian Federal Police to become Police Officers or Protective Services Officers. 

Multifangled also wrote the scripts and presented tutorial videos aimed at candidates planning to take the Victoria Police Entrance Exam.

Road to Zero Education Complex at Melbourne Museum

Jan Hagston from Multifangled worked as an education consultant on this interactive road safety centre based at Melbourne Museum. Aimed at secondary school students and the wider community, the centre uses visual and digital technology to increase awareness of road safety and work towards a zero road toll.

Fit2Drive program

Multifangled was involved in creating the Fit to Drive Year 11 Workshop. This is a half-day session conducted in schools which supports young people to make good decisions when faced with risky driving situations, both as passengers, and in terms of their future driving safety.


Multifangled was involved in developing education materials to support the use of Graham as an educational tool for discussion about human vulnerability.

Graham is an initiative of the Transport Accident Commission’s (TAC) designed to highlight how susceptible the human body is to the forces involved in road crashes. It is a part of the TAC’s Towards Zero vision and draws attention to the changes we need to protect ourselves from our own mistakes on the road.

SafeT1 Resources

Multifangled developed education materials for five stories about young workers. The resources support teaching/learning  around OHS awareness for young people.

The stories explore subjects such as bullying, asbestos exposure, working on a farm, manual handling, training, supervision, machinery guarding, workplace procedures and working under pressure.

Loddon Mallee community of practice

Multifangled was commissioned by the Loddon Mallee Regional Council of ACFE, in partnership with Future Employment Opportunities (FEO) to explore how Communities of Practice (CoP) could benefit Learn Local (LL) networks in two targeted locations, Greater Bendigo and Loddon and Buloke local government areas. CoPs were then piloted in the two areas to improve ongoing resourcing, compliance management, quality delivery, collaboration and pathways planning for pre-accredited training.