Literacy resources

Websites and downloads

Short stories online

5 short stories from New Zealand are available to listen to and read online. The stories are aimed at young males but interesting to most adults.

Downloadable resources targeted at learners with basic skills

ABC Education Education activities and games which use video and audio clips from ABC TV and Radio. Aligned to Australian Curriculum.

Cyber drama Cleo missing is just one of a number of activities and resources to be found on the Cyper drama site. In Cleo missing students take part in a number of activities requiring reading and writing to find Cleo. The site is about using digital media for creative and educational purposes.

Consumer Stuff resources Consumer Affairs Victoria has produced a number of resources called Consumer Stuff that have an applied learning focus using real-life scenarios. There are FREE teacher resources in the areas of English, Commerce, Health and Wellbeing and the Environment. Consumer Stuff Maths is great for VCAL Numeracy.


The SAFE-T1 website provides a range of information and activities (online and print based) about workplace health and safety.


Writing Skills: Narrative & Non-Fiction Text Types. Feez, S. and Joyce, H. 1998. Albert Park: Phoenix Education.

Senior Text Types: A Writing Guide for Students. Housden, E., 2008. Wilston: FarrBooks.

Developing Writing Skills for Junior Secondary Students Book 1. de Silver Joyce, H. and Feez, S. 2004. Albert Park: Phoenix Education.

Life Skills: Reading & activity book. Stoneman, S. 2001. Carlton South: Curriculum Corporation.

Everyday Literacy Book Two. Vize, A. 2008. Putney: Phoenix Education.

Into Reading Books 1 & 2. Vize, A. 2009.Putney: Phoenix Education.

Literacy for Living Book 2. Vize, A. 2003. Albert Park: Phoenix Education.

Skills for Work At Work Book 2.Vize, A. 2004.  Melbourne: Phoenix Education.

My neighbourhood: literacy in context

My neighbourhood contains activities designed to support students to develop literacy skills in context. Each activity contains information for the teacher alongside activity sheets and/or handouts for the students. In addition there are a number of skill sheets to support students in completing the activities. 

Ten radical ideas for reluctant writers

Ten immediate, accessible and inspiring writing activities for students that may not always feel comfortable getting their ideas out there.

Written by Lee Kindler this book contains hands-on activities that encourages students to dive straight into writing without fear of failure. There are notes for teachers that explain the features of different text types, where to find examples, and ideas for classroom activities.

Activities are supported by free online materials that include infographics, videos, links, maps and game source files that students can use to gain a deeper understanding of each text.

VCAL Road Safety Units Vic Roads have published a set of FREE VCAL(Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) literacy and numeracy units around getting a licence and road safety issues. Activities in the VCAL Road Safety Units are aligned to VCAL – PDS, literacy and numeracy. There are 11 different units covering different levels. They provide activity outlines and suggestions with comprehensive guidance to teachers, including worksheets.

Working Community Program

Working Community is a community focused school program targeted at young people aged 15-17 who are moving into post-compulsory education. The FREE structured applied learning program involves young people working in teams, designing and managing their own community projects.

Young people and the law The activities in this manual encourage young people to think critically about the law and to learn about and talk about issues with their peers. The manual, produced by Legal Aid Victoria, also includes educator’s notes to help teachers and community educators use it in the classroom.


The Alphabet - an interactive multimedia computer resource for beginning literacy learners, Protea Textware, Melbourne

Spelling fusion- an interactive multimedia computer resource for teaching spelling, Protea Textware, Melbourne

Issues in English and Issues in English 2 – an interactive multimedia resource with dialogues, interviews, passages to read, and activities. Based around issues such as Smoking, Discrimination, Euthanasia, Gambling, The Environment, Protea Textware, Melbourne.

 A bit of theory

The Literacy Labyrinth and The Literacy Lexicon, Bull, G. & Anstey, M. 2004/3, Prentice Hall